Axial Fans / Blowers

As per application or site condition Axial Fans can be designed and named differently as Heat Exchanger Fan, Ventilation Fan, Bifurcated Fan, Tube Axial Fan, Shell cooling Fan, Man Cooler Fan, Main Mine Ventilation Fan, Auxiliary Mine Ventilation Fan etc.

# Each Axial Fan has definite Characteristic Curve of Flow Vs. Pressure.

# Every Axial Fan is selected on the Duty Point which is the intersection point of fan characteristic curve & the system resistance curve.

Duty Parameters of a Axial Fan, as offered by Maxflow:

Air Flow Volume : up to 12,00,000 M³/Hr.
Static Pressure : up to 500 mmWG
Temperature : up to 100° C
(Note: The above maximum values cannot be achieved simultaneously.)


# Axial Fans can be of various types as per requirement and application like:

: Fixed Bladed

: Manual Adjustable Bladed

: Auto Variable Pitch Bladed