Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Pulse Jet Bag Filters are fully automatic compressed air back-wash type dust filter units offering high dust collection efficiency (99.9%) and designed and manufactured for 24 hours of continuous operation all round the year.

The bag filter comprises of a filtration chamber (bag housing), dust collection hopper and a clean air plenum. The dust laden air enters the hopper through a special pre-separator which separates the coarse particles. The subsequent filtration from the outer surface to the inner face of filter bags cleans the air to a very high degree. As the dust builds up on the bags, it forms a permanent dust cake which increases the efficiency. To limit the pressure drop across the filter bags, the adjustable solid state timer subsequently opens the solenoid operated diaphragm valve and high energy reverse pulse of clean, oil and moisture free compressed air jet along with induced secondary clean air back washes the filter bags effectively.

The dust collected is removed from hopper by double flapper valves/rotary air lock valve/screw conveyor.

These are available in a wide range of sizes and in modular construction to suit any application and capacity requirement. Various filtration Medias are available to suit the dust conditions.

To meet stringent environmental regulations, these are also available in fully automatic off-line design with multiple modules.


We offer Bag Filters with following arrangements:

# Insertable Type Bag Filters : Suitable for direct mounting for bin/silo vent, belt transfer point, bag dump, mixer ventilation applications etc. The dust laden air is drawn on to the rectangular filter pads where dust is retained on the outside of the fabric. The pad is cleaned by reverse compressed air pulse. These can be supplied either with hopper or without hopper and available for capacities 700 M³/Hr to 5000 M³/Hr and can be offered in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

# Cartridge Type Dust Collectors : Suitable for light to medium dust load and there existing space constraint. Bags are in pleated forms offering large filtration area. Cleaning is done by compressed air pulse. Normal self-standing (foot mounted) arrangements come with filtration media in cylindrical profile and most suitable for centralized dust extraction systems. We offer bag filters for specialized applications such as high gas temperature furnaces / kilns, air with hazardous contaminants and applications requiring low emission level (15 mg/Nm³).