Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

As Equipment Centrifugal Fan or Blower is a rotary bladed machine delivering continuous flow of air / gas against system resistance / pressure under centrifugal force. In accordance with its application or site condition it can be designed and named differently as ID Fan, FD Fan, PA Fan, SA Fan, Booster Fan, Ventilation Fan, Steam Exhaust Fan, Sinter Fan, Raft Cooling Fan, Re-circulation Fan, Tertiary Air Fan, Raw Mill Fan, Cooler Fan, Bag Filer ID Fan, De-dusting Fan, Hot Air Fan, Shell Air Fan, ABC Fan, Nose Cooling Fan, Combustion Air Fan, Fume Extraction Fan, Seal Air Fan, Coal Mill Fan, Cement Mill Fan, Separator Fan, ESP Exhaust Fan, Pre-heater Fan and so on…

Present Manufacturing Range:

Volume Flow Rate up to 2200000 m3/hr.

Static Pressure Rise up to 4000 mm WG

Temperature up to 5000C continuous operation

Forward Curve Blade:

Forward-curved blades are commonly used in compact installations with substantial flow at lower speeds. It is also applicable for constant volume or pressure.

Backward Curve Blade:

Backward Curve Bladed fans are ideally used in high-efficiency, high-pressure industrial applications

Radial Blade:

Radial-bladed fans are ideally used in dusty with moisture industrial gar and air applications.

 Airfoil Blade:

Special blades design, such as air-foil profile, to ensure extreme efficiency and low power consumption.

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